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Security Services

GRH Security specialise in the provision of reliable and high quality, SIA manned guarding throughout the UK.

Whether you’re operating a distribution depot, managing a construction site or running a car dealership, preventing unauthorised access is crucially important to avoid theft or criminal incidents.

At GRH Security, we provide manned guarding and security guards for all manner of businesses, both large and small, and can provide a tailored service. Our security guards are deployed in a range of environments to maintain security, control access, protect those on site and prevent criminal acts or damage.

Providing peace of mind to commercial and industrial properties across the United Kingdom.

When a customer chooses our manned guarding services, we send a fully trained, SIA-licensed officer to assist. Drawing on their extensive knowledge, wealth of skills, and years of experience, our security guards provide the highest level of protection while always working around your requirements.

All our security officers hold a valid SIA licence, are trained to industry standards and vetted to BS7858 in line with industry regulations. We invest in the safety of all our security guards who are monitored around the clock by our 24hr Control Room and our mobile duty supervisors.

Our officers are trained to look out for suspicious activity, assess situations and react quickly and efficiently to any incidents, security breaches or intruder alarms.

Simply having a security guard is a great deterrent, far greater than just CCTV surveillance or a standard security system. Criminals will always think twice about targeting your business if you have uniformed protection.

Professional, reliable staff drawing on over a decade of experience.


Recruitment Services

GRH Security specialise in the provision of reliable and high quality, staff throughout the UK.

At GRH World, we believe that it’s people who make the difference between a satisfactory business and a great business. While most recruitment firms aim for ‘good enough’ when it comes to selecting your staff, we know that this approach doesn’t really cut it.

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